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Novel EGR2 mutation R359Q is associated with CMT type 1 and progressive scoliosis.

Mutations in the early growth response 2 gene (EGR2) cause demyelinating neuropathies differing in severity and age of onset. We tested 46 unrelated Czech patients with dominant or sporadic demyelinating CMT neuropathy for mutations in the EGR2 gene. One novel de-novo mutation (Arg359Gln, R359Q) was identified in heterozygous state in a patient with a typical CMT1 phenotype, progressive moderate thoracolumbar scoliosis and without clinical signs of cranial nerve dysfunction. This patient is presently less affected compared to previously described Dejerine-Sottas neuropathy (DSN) patients carrying another substitution at codon 359 (Arg359Trp, R359W). This report shows that EGR2 mutations are rare in Czech patients with demyelinating type of CMT and suggests that different substitutions at codon 359 of EGR2 can cause significantly different phenotypes.[1]


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