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Modulation of clinical expression of plaque-induced gingivitis: effects of personality traits, social support and stress.

BACKGROUND: Studies have shown an association between an acute stressful event and gingivitis. However, the possible effects of personality traits associated with stress resistance/susceptibility and current level of stress on the clinical expression of plaque-induced inflammation remain to be examined. The aim of this study was to characterize the subject-based clinical behaviour of the gingiva during experimental gingivitis in relation to personality profile, psychological stress and coping behaviour. METHODS: Ninety-six systemically and periodontally healthy subjects (mean age: 23.6+/-1.7 years), 46 males and 50 females, non-smokers, participated in a randomized, split-mouth, localized experimental gingivitis trial. Prior to the trial, subjects were asked to complete self-administered questionnaires evaluating personality traits (Hardiness scale and Courtauld Emotional Control Scale), subjective stress (Visual Analogue Scale-Total Distress), social support (Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support, MSPSS) and life events (Life Experiences Survey (LES)). The influence of psychosocial factors was investigated in the overall population as well as in two sub-populations with different inflammatory response to plaque accumulation. RESULTS: No significant relationships were found between gingival inflammation variables and psychological measures. No significant differences were detected between subjects with different susceptibilties to plaque-associated gingivitis for any considered psychological variable. A significant association between plaque variables and LES (negative) or MSPSS (positive) was found; however, the variance explained by the model was low. CONCLUSIONS: Differences in the current level of stress and psychosocial variables indicative of stress susceptibility do not account for variability in plaque accumulation and gingival inflammation during experimental gingivitis in young adults.[1]


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