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Contact dermatitis to silicone after cochlear implantation.

Complications, although rare, do occur with cochlear implantation. We present a 2-year old with persistent erythema and pruritus over the implantation site with serous discharge from the implanted ear. Patch testing revealed contact dermatitis to silicone LSR-30 encasing the Nuclear Contour-24 device. Hypersensitivity was also noted to silicone LSR-30 in the Med-el device but not to silicone LSR-70 in the Advance Bionics device. Device explantation resulted in complete resolution of symptoms. The patient was then successfully reimplanted with the Advance Bionics device. Erythema and irritation at the implantation site, without leukocytosis, should prompt evaluation for silicone contact dermatitis.[1]


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