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  • None of these indices correlated with levels of hemoglobin, PTH, alkaline phosphatase or albumin, or with nerve conduction velocity or any other subsequent clinical outcomes including death, technique failure, hospital days, peritonitis rate and subjective indices of fatigue, pruritus and insomnia [18].
  • The main side effects of megestrol acetate included weight gain (20% or over), pruritus, elevation of blood pressure, weakness, and vaginal bleeding; they were only occasionally observed [19].
  • Visual analog pain scores, sensory changes, blood pressure, heart rate, ephedrine requirements, motor blockade, sedation, pruritus, and nausea were also recorded [20].
  • There was a statistically significant and positive correlation between the pruritus intensity (AUC 0, 72 h) and the malaria parasite load in the itching subjects, not receiving prednisolone (n = 9) (r = 0.73, P = 0.026 ANOVA) [21].
  • Furthermore, with long-term use of mizolastine over 1 year, a reduction in pruritus and the number of urticarial episodes was maintained with no evidence of tachyphylaxis or tolerance [22].

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