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Flavonoids inhibit melanoma lung metastasis by impairing tumor cells endothelium interactions.

Flavonoids comprise a class of low molecular weight compounds displaying a variety of biological activities including inhibition of tumor growth and metastasis. To gain insight into the mechanisms underlying metastasis inhibition, we have employed the B16-BL6 murine melanoma metastasis model. B57BL/6N mice were injected i.v. with tumor cells and Apigenin, Quercetin, or Tamoxifen, each at 50 mg/kg given i.p., and lung tumor cell colonies counted 14-6 days thereafter. Three different injection schedules were used for each drug: (a) daily injection, starting 24 h before injection of the tumor cells; (b) single dose, 24 h preceding tumor challenge; ( c) daily injection, starting 24 h after the injection of the tumor cells. All three compounds significantly reduced tumor lung deposits (Apigenin = Quercetin > Tamoxifen). However, when treatment was delayed by 24 h after tumor cells (schedule c), multiple daily doses of Apigenin or Quercetin were less effective that a single dose of the same compound given 24 h before tumor challenge (schedule b). Apigenin and Quercetin, but not Tamoxifen, were found to inhibit VCAM-1 expression in a dose-dependent manner in HUVEC and in murine pulmonary endothelial cells. In ex vivo experiments, the number of tumor cells adhering to lung vessels was significantly diminished in animals treated with a single dose of Apigenin and Quercetin. These findings indicate that the inhibition of tumor cell metastasis by Apigenin or Quercetin may significantly depend on the ability of these compounds to alter the host's microenvironment, further substantiating the role of the intravascular processes in the metastatic cascade.[1]


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