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Avoidance response of sediment living amphipods to zinc pyrithione as a measure of sediment toxicity.

An avoidance test was developed using non-cultured individuals of the sediment dwelling amphipod Monoporeia affinis. As test substance we used zinc pyrithione, an antifouling agent and a common shampoo ingredient. The toxicity to Daphnia and fish is well known but sediment toxicity of this very hydrophobic compound is less known. The preference of juvenile M. affinis was tested in jars, each including 12 petri dishes. In each replicate, half of the petri dishes contained sediment mixed with six concentrations ranging from 0 to 10microg zinc pyrithione per L sediment and half of the petri dishes contained the corresponding sediment-substance mixture plus an extra food addition. The amphipods significantly avoided petri dishes with the three highest concentrations of zinc pyrithione and the calculated EC(50) was 9.65microgL(-1) sediment. No difference in mortality was observed between concentrations. Using the avoidance behaviour in sediment toxicity testing is a simple and cost-effective screening for toxicants.[1]


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