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A rotavirus strain isolated from pig-tailed macaque (Macaca nemestrina) with diarrhea bears a P6[1]:G8 specificity.

A distinct rotavirus strain (PTRV) was isolated in cell cultures from a stool sample obtained from a diarrheic 3-year-old female pig-tailed macaque (Macaca nemestrina) that was born at the breeding colony of the University of Washington in Seattle. Unlike other known simian rotavirus strains including vervet monkey rotavirus SA11 which bears P5B[2]:G3 or P6[1]:G3 specificity, rhesus monkey rotavirus MMU18006 with P5B[3]:G3 specificity, pig-tailed macaque rotavirus YK-1 with P[3]:G3 specificity and rhesus monkey rotavirus TUCH with P[24]:G3 specificity, the cell-culture-grown PTRV strain was shown to bear P6[1]:G8 specificity as determined by VP4 (P)- and VP7 (G)-specific neutralization assays as well as gene sequence analyses. The virus in the original diarrhea stool was also shown to bear genotypes P[1] and G8. In addition, the PTRV strain exhibited a "long" electropherotype, subgroup I specificity and NSP4 genotype A specificity. The PTRV probe formed (i) 8-9 hybrid bands with genomic RNAs of various bovine rotavirus strains and (ii) only 2-3 hybrid bands with simian rotavirus RNAs as demonstrated by RNA-RNA hybridization, suggesting a possible bovine origin of the virus. Serologic analysis of serum samples obtained from selected pig-tailed macaques in the colony suggested that a rotavirus bearing P[1]:G8 specificity was endemic among macaques for at least 8 years (1987-1994). This is the first report describing an isolation of a simian rotavirus bearing a non-G3 VP7 and possibly a P6[1] specificities. Because of its unique simian serotype, this virus may prove to be valuable in challenge studies in a non-human primate model in studies of rotavirus immunity.[1]


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