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A Requirement for the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Paf1 complex in snoRNA 3' end formation.

RNA synthesis and processing are coordinated by proteins that associate with RNA polymerase II (pol II) during transcription elongation. The yeast Paf1 complex interacts with RNA pol II and mediates histone modifications during elongation. To elucidate the functions of this complex, we isolated missense mutations in the gene encoding the Rtf1 subunit and used them to identify functionally interacting proteins. We identified NAB3 as a dosage suppressor of rtf1. Nab3, together with Nrd1, directs 3' end formation of nonpolyadenylated RNA pol II transcripts, such as snoRNAs. Deletion of Paf1, but not the Set1, Set2, or Dot1 histone methyltransferases, causes accumulation of snoRNA transcripts that are extended at their 3' ends. The Paf1 complex associates with and facilitates Nrd1 recruitment to the SNR47 gene, suggesting a direct involvement in 3' end formation. Our results reveal a posttranscriptional function for the Paf1 complex, which appears unrelated to its role in histone methylation.[1]


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