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Chromosomal localization of two antihemostatic salivary factors in Simulium vittatum (Diptera: Simuliidae).

The chromosomal locations of two genes encoding the salivary protein products Simulidin (SVAT) and Simulium vittatum erythyma protein (SVEP) were identified using high-resolution cytogenetic mapping. Chromosomal subsection levels were determined from larval and adult salivary gland polytene chromosomes and adult Malphigian tubule chromosomes. Syntenic relationships occurred for both loci from a wild population of Simulium vittatum IIIL-1 collected in central Alabama and the colonized IS-7 S. vittatum sibling. cSVAT mapped to the short arm of chromosomes III, IIIS-72a4.5 and cSVEP mapped to the long arm of chromosome III, IIIL-96b1. cSVAT sits proximal to a common IIIS-2 paracentric inversion, which occurs predominately as the standard sequence in the IIIL-1 sibling and as the inverted sequence in the IS-7 sibling. cSVEP sits close to the differentiated X chromosomes in the IIIL-1 sibling.[1]


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