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Ran binding protein 9 interacts with Raf kinase but does not contribute to downstream ERK1/2 activation in skeletal myoblasts.

Raf kinase is the upstream activator of MEK1/2 leading to phosphorylation and activation of ERK1/2. Sustained activation of Raf represses skeletal muscle-specific reporter gene transcription and formation of multinucleated myofibers. Inhibition of myogenesis by activated Raf involves downstream ERK1/2 as well as undefined mediators. To identify Raf-interacting proteins that may influence repression of muscle formation, a yeast two-hybrid screen was performed using a MEK1- binding defective Raf (RafBXB-T481A) as bait. Twenty cDNAs coding for Raf- interacting proteins were identified including Ran binding protein 9 (RanBP9), a protein previously reported to interact with receptor tyrosine kinases. Forced expression of RanBP9 in myogenic cells did not alter myogenesis. Co-expression of RanBP9 with constitutively active RafBXB, but not RafBXB-T481A, synergistically inhibited MyoD-directed muscle reporter gene transcription. Knockdown of RanBP9 expression did not restore the differentiation program to Raf-expressing myoblasts. Thus, RanBP9 physically associates with Raf but does not substantially contribute to the inhibitory actions of the kinase.[1]


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