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Hos2 and Set3 Promote Integration of Ty1 Retrotransposons at tRNA Genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

The yeast LTR retrotransposon Ty1 integrates preferentially into regions upstream of tRNA genes. The chromatin structure of transcriptionally active tRNA genes is known to be important for Ty1 integration, but specific chromatin factors that enhance integration at tRNA genes have not been identified. Here we report that the histone deacetylase, Hos2, and the Trithorax-group protein, Set3, both components of the Set3 complex (Set3C), enhance transposition of chromosomal Ty1 elements by promoting integration into the upstream region of tRNA genes. Deletion of HOS2 or SET3 reduced the mobility of a chromosomal Ty1his3AI element about sevenfold. Despite the fact that Ty1his3AI RNA, total Ty1 RNA, and total Ty1 cDNA levels were not reduced in hos2Delta or set3Delta mutants, transposition of endogenous Ty1 elements into the upstream regions of tRNA(Gly) genes was substantially decreased. Furthermore, when equivalent numbers of Ty1HIS3 mobility events launched from a pGAL1:Ty1his3AI plasmid were analyzed, only one-quarter to one-half as many were found upstream of tRNA(Gly) genes in a hos2Delta or set3Delta mutant than in a wild-type strain. Chromatin immunoprecipitation analysis revealed that Hos2 is physically associated with tRNA genes. Taken together, our results support the hypothesis that Hos2 and Set3 function at tRNA genes to promote Ty1 integration.[1]


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