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The molecular heterogeneity of the smg-21/Krev-1/rap1 proteins, a GTP-binding protein having the same effector domain as ras p21s, in bovine aortic smooth muscle membranes.

smg p21 is a member of the ras p21/ras p21-like small GTP- binding protein ( G protein) superfamily, having the same putative effector domain as ras p21s. In the preceding report, we showed that smg p21 was a major G protein in bovine aortic smooth muscle membranes. Recently, two different smg p21 cDNA clones, designated smg-21A and -B, were isolated from a bovine brain cDNA library. In the present studies, we resolved the bovine aortic smg p21 fraction into two distinct G protein fractions on hydroxyapatite column chromatography and purified them separately to near homogeneity (22K G1 and -2). Both 22K G1 and -2 were specifically recognized by an anti-smg p21 polyclonal antibody. 22K G1 and -2 were identified as smg p21B and -A, respectively, by peptide map and amino acid sequence analyses. Purified smg p21A and -B showed GDP/GTP-binding and GTPase activities similar to each other. The GTPase activities of smg p21A and -B were equally stimulated by smg p21 GTPase activating protein 1 and -2. Moreover, both smg p21A and -B were phosphorylated by cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase with a stoichiometry of one phosphate/molecule of protein. These results indicate that smg p21A and -B coexist in bovine aortic smooth muscle membranes and suggest that smg p21A and -B may serve as intermediates for cyclic AMP actions.[1]


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