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Goat milk oligosaccharides are anti-inflammatory in rats with hapten-induced colitis.

Oligosaccharides are included among the anti-inflammatory components of milk because of their prebiotic properties and their capacity to act as receptors of microorganisms. Here the intestinal anti-inflammatory effect of goat milk oligosaccharides (O) was assessed in trinitrobenzenesulfonic (T) acid-induced colitis in rats. Rats were randomly assigned to three different groups. Two groups (T and OS) of colitic rats and a control group (C) were studied. Group OS received 500 mg/(kg.d) of goat milk oligosaccharides orally, starting 2 d before the colitis induction until d 6, and groups T and C received the vehicle. When compared with the T group, the OS group showed decreased anorexia and body weight loss; reduced bowel wall thickening and longitudinal extension of necrotic lesions; downregulated colonic expression of interleukin 1beta, inducible nitric oxide synthase, cyclooxygenase 2, and mucin 3; and increased trefoil factor 3. Thus, goat milk oligosaccharides have anti-inflammatory effects in rats with experimental colitis and may be useful in the management of inflammatory bowel disease.[1]


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