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Receptors mediating tachykinin-induced contractile responses in guinea-pig trachea.

1. The classification of tachykinin receptors in the guinea-pig trachea has been investigated. This was of interest because, from previous studies, it was not clear whether the guinea-pig trachea contains either a mixture of NK1 and NK2 receptors or, alternatively, a single type of novel tachykinin receptor. 2. In the present study, the guinea-pig trachea was contracted by tachykinin agonists selective for NK1 receptors (substance P methylester (SPOMe) and GR73632) or NK2 receptors (GR64349) but not NK3 receptors (senktide). 3. Against SPOMe and GR73632, the NK1 antagonist, GR71251, behaved as a reversible competitive antagonist having apparent affinity (pKB 7.05 vs SPOMe) consistent with action at NK1 receptors. GR71251 (3 microM) did not antagonize responses to GR64349. 4. The NK2 antagonists L-659,877 and Ac-Leu-Asp-Gln-Trp-Phe-Gly-NH2 (R396) antagonized GR64349 although only R396 appeared to behave competitively (pKB 5.73). Neither L-659,877 (30 microM) nor R396 (30 microM) blocked responses to SPOMe. 5. For L-659,877 and R396, comparison was made between activity in guinea-pig trachea and in preparations known to contain tachykinin receptors predominantly of the NK2 type. In the rabbit trachea, both L-659,877 and R396 had effects similar to those in guinea-pig trachea. In contrast, in the rat colon muscularis mucosae, both L-659,877 and R396 appeared to behave competitively with pKB values against GR64349 of 7.83 and 6.90 respectively. 6. It is concluded that in guinea-pig trachea, contractile responses can be induced by activation of both NK1 and NK2 receptors. The present data are discussed with reference to the proposed existence of subtypes of the NK2 receptor.[1]


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