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Modification of diethylnitrosamine liver carcinogenesis with phenobarbital but not with immunosuppression.

Administration of 40 ppm diethylnitrosamine (DENA) in the drinking water for 10 weeks to male Fischer rats led to hepatocellular carcinoma in 100 percent with metastasis to the lung in 40 percent, of the animals living for the full experimental period of 20 weeks. Concurrent feeding of phenobarbital and DENA for 10 weeks produced cancer of the liver in 77 percent of the animals, but only 9 percent had metastases in the lung. A brief regimen of DENA for 4 weeks, followed by 16 weeks of observation, induced cancer of the liver in only 13 percent of the rats. Administration of phenobarbital, begun 1 week after cessation of DENA intake and terminated at week 20, led to liver cancer in 64 percent of the rodents. Hydroxyurea had no effect on this enhancement. Treatment with a purified gamma fraction of antilymphocytic serum after the DENA did not influence the outcome. Thus phenobarbital given together with DENA reduced the severity of the carcinogenic process, but when it was given after the hepatocarcinogen, it increased the effect.[1]


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