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Analgesic doses of morphine do not reduce noxious stimulus-evoked release of immunoreactive neurokinins in the dorsal horn of the spinal cat.

1. Antibody microprobes were used to detect immunoreactive neurokinin A release in the dorsal spinal cord of barbiturate-anaesthetized spinal cats. 2. Noxious mechanical stimulation of the ipsilateral hind paw and electrical stimulation (suprathreshold for unmyelinated primary afferent fibres) of the ipsilateral tibial nerve evoked immunoreactive neurokinin A release. 3. Systemic morphine, 5 mg kg-1, i.v., did not block immunoreactive neurokinin A release in response to these stimuli. 4. Subsequent naloxone administration, 0.5 mg kg-1, i.v., did not alter this stimulus-evoked release. 5. Basal levels of immunoreactive neurokinin A were unaltered by morphine or naloxone. 6. These results suggest that the analgesic effects of morphine at the spinal cord level are not brought about by activation of presynaptic opiate receptors on neurokinin A containing afferent terminals.[1]


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