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Protocadherin- PC promotes androgen-independent prostate cancer cell growth.

BACKGROUND: Protocadherin-PC (PCDH- PC) expression is upregulated in apoptosis-resistant sublines of the LNCaP human prostate cancer (CaP) cell line. Here, we assess the role of PCDH- PC in CaP cells and its mRNA expression in human prostate tissues. METHODS: LNCaP cells transfected with PCDH- PC were tested for their ability to grow in vitro and in vivo in androgen-deprived conditions. PCDH- PC mRNA expression was evaluated by semi-quantitative RT-PCR and by in situ hybridization. RESULTS: PCDH- PC expression induced Wnt signaling in CaP cells and permitted androgen-independent growth of hormone-sensitive CaP cells. Expression of PCDH-PC-homologous transcripts was low and restricted to some epithelial cells in normal tissue and to CaP cells in tumors. However, hormone-resistant CaP cells expressed significantly higher levels of PCDH- PC-related mRNA. CONCLUSIONS: Our findings suggest a novel mechanism for the progression of CaP involving expression of PCDH- PC. This novel protocadherin induces Wnt signaling, promotes malignant behavior and hormone-resistance of CaP cells.[1]


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