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Transplantation of Schwann cells to subarachnoid space induces repair in contused rat spinal cord.

Schwann cell transplantation is well known to induce repair in the injured spinal cord which disables millions of injured patients throughout the world. An ideal route of delivering the grafted Schwann cells to the spinal cord should neither cause more injury nor reinitiate inflammatory events and also provide a favorable milieu to the grafted cells. In this study, we have utilized subarachnoid route to transplant Schwann cells and evaluated their effects in a contusive model of spinal cord injury. Adult rats weighing 100-140g were experimentally injured by crushing the spinal cord with a titanium clip and then divided into four groups (Tracing, Control, Medium-treated and Schwann cell-treated). Cultured Schwann cells (5x10(4) cells in 5mul) or medium were injected to the animals of corresponding groups via subarachnoid space at the injured site 7 days after injury. In tracing group, Schwann cells (labeled with Hoechst) demonstrated their presence within spinal cord 7 days after transplantation. Evaluation of locomotor performance of animals for 60 days after injury showed that animals treated with Schwann cells had significant improvement (P<0.01). Similarly, the axon density at the site of injury was significantly higher. The results indicate the efficacy of subarachnoid route for the transplantation of Schwann cells in inducing repair of the contused spinal cord. We conclude that this route can be useful for the transplantation of Schwann cells and offers a hope for the patients suffering from spinal cord injury.[1]


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