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CP-93,129, a potent and selective 5-HT1B receptor agonist blocks neurogenic plasma extravasation within rat but not guinea-pig dura mater.

Pretreatment with CP-93,129 blocked plasma extravasation in rat dura mater induced by electrical trigeminal ganglion stimulation when administered at greater than or equal to 140 nmol kg-1, i.v. but did not affect plasma leakage in guinea-pig at 460 or 1400 nmol kg-1. Sumatriptan, a 5-HT1D-like receptor agonist, blocked plasma extravasation in the guinea-pig model when administered at 7 nmol kg-1. In as much as CP-93,129 binds with micromolar affinities to 5-HT1A, 5-HT1C, 5-HT1D, and 5-HT2 recognition sites, and with nanomolar affinity to the 5-HT1B receptor subtype, blockade of plasma extravasation in the rat dura mater may be mediated by 5-HT1B receptors whereas the 5-HT1D receptor may be more relevant to the guinea-pig.[1]


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