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Different iron-chelating properties of pyochelin diastereoisomers revealed by LC/MS.

Pyochelin is a siderophore and virulence factor common to Burkholderia cepacia and several Pseudomonas strains. It is isolated from bacterial media as a mixture of two epimers, which readily equilibrate in most solvents. Experiments based on high-performance liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization mass spectrometry are reported here, allowing the investigation of the different Fe(III)-chelating properties of pyochelin diastereomers in solution without the need for labourious isolation. It is demonstrated in this study that only one of the two pyochelin diastereomers is able to chelate Fe(III); no Fe(III) complexes of the other diastereomer could be detected. The Fe(III)-pyochelin complex exhibited a 1:1 metal-to-siderophore ratio and no evidence for other stoichiometries was found.[1]


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