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Oral pharmacokinetics of fluazifop-butyl in human volunteers.

1. Fluazifop-butyl, the active ingredient of FUSILADE, a selective herbicide, was administered orally to three male volunteers at a dose level of 0.07 mg kg-1 body weight. Over a period of 6 d between 80 and 93% of the dose was excreted in urine as the metabolite fluazifop, the majority within the first 24 h. Peak plasma concentrations of fluazifop occurred 1-2.5 h after administration. 2. The elimination of fluazifop from plasma and urine can be described by a one-compartment pharmacokinetic model and the elimination half-life was estimated from blood and urine data to be within the range 9-37 h. Fluazifop was found to bind to serum proteins. 3. The study indicates that the amount of fluazifop-butyl absorbed in exposed persons can be assessed by measuring fluazifop concentrations in urine.[1]


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