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Localization of a gene for progressive myoclonus epilepsy to chromosome 21q22.

Progressive myoclonus epilepsy of Univerricht-Lundborg type is a clinically defined entity among the progressive myoclonus epilepsies. It is an autosomal recessive disorder. The underlying biochemical defect is unknown. We used linkage analysis to localize the gene in 12 families with the aid of polymorphic DNA markers. Close linkage was detected with three markers on distal chromosome 21. The loci BCEI and D21S154 gave the highest positive logarithm-of-odds (lod) scores of 5.49 and 4.25, respectively, at zero recombination. The third locus, D21S112, gave a lod score of 6.91 at a recombination fraction of 0.034. There was no evidence of heterogeneity. Multipoint lod scores calculated against a fixed map of the three marker loci gave a maximum four-point lod score of 10.08 at a location of the disease gene at 6.0 centimorgans distal to locus BCEI and 0.8 centimorgan proximal to locus D21S154. As markers BCEI and D21S154 have previously been localized to 21q22.3 by physical methods, our findings place the EMP1 gene locus (for progressive myoclonus epilepsy of the Unverricht-Lundborg type) in chromosome 21 band q22. 3. This finding provides an opportunity to test several other epilepsy phenotypes, particularly the so-called Ramsay Hunt syndrome, for linkage to the same locus. It also is a starting point toward isolating and characterizing the gene and its protein product.[1]


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