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Effects of acute and chronic relaxin-3 on food intake and energy expenditure in rats.

The effects of acute and repeated intraparaventricular (iPVN) administration of human relaxin-3 ( H3) were examined on food intake, energy expenditure, and the hypothalamo-pituitary thyroid axis in male Wistar rats. An acute high dose iPVN injection of H3 significantly increased food intake 1 h post-administration [0.4+/-0.1 g (vehicle) vs 1.6+/-0.5 g (180 pmol H3), 2.4+/-0.5 g (540 pmol H3) and 2.2+/-0.5 g (1620 pmol H3), p<0.05 for all doses vs vehicle]. Repeated iPVN H3 injection (180 pmol/twice a day for 7 days) significantly increased cumulative food intake in ad libitum fed animals compared with vehicle [211.8+/-7.1 g (vehicle) vs 261.6+/-6.7 g (ad libitum fed H3), p<0.05]. Plasma leptin was increased in the H3 ad libitum fed group. Plasma thyroid stimulating hormone was significantly decreased after acute and repeated administration of H3. These data suggest H3 may play a role in long-term control of food intake.[1]


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