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Enteral nutrition and the function of the intestinal microflora in healthy adults.

An oral feeding formula was given to 5 healthy volunteers for 8 days. Faecal samples were collected before, during and after the feeding period. The effect of enteral nutrition (EN) on the following seven intestinal microflora-associated characteristics (MACs) was studied: formation of urobilinogen, coprostanol and deoxycholic acid, degradation of mucin and beta-aspartylglycine, faecal tryptic activity, and production of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). None of the microbial functions studied were lost during the study. The urobilinogen level increased during EN (P < 0.05) but it seems reasonable to assume that this was a concentration effect due to a decrease in stool mass. The concentration of SCFAs decreased during EN (P < 0.05) and this reflects the absence of dietary fibre in the feed used.[1]


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