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Frequent gain of the human telomerase gene TERC at 3q26 in cervical adenocarcinomas.

The level of genomic amplification of the human telomerase gene TERC, which maps to chromosome band 3q26, was determined in primary cervical adenocarcinomas. Interphase nuclei prepared from archival material of 12 primary cervical adenocarcinomas, eight of which were human papillomavirus positive, were hybridised with a triple colour probe set specific for centromeres of chromosomes 3 and 7 and the TERC gene. We observed high proportions of nuclei with increased absolute copy numbers for TERC in all tumours (mean 3.3; range 2.3-5.2). Amplification of the human telomerase gene TERC is a consistent aberration in cervical adenocarcinomas. Therefore, application of our probe set may provide an objective genetic test for the assessment of glandular cells in Pap smears and hence for the diagnosis of cervical adenocarcinomas.[1]


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