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Characterization of a novel satellite DNA sequence from Flying Dragon (Poncirus trifoliata).

Repetitive sequences constitute a significant component of most eukaryotic genomes, and the isolation and characterization of repetitive DNA sequences provide an insight into the organization of the genome of interest. Here, we report the isolation and the molecular analysis and methylation status of a novel tandemly organized repetitive DNA sequence from the genome of Poncirus trifoliata. Digestion of P. trifoliata DNA with Afa I produced a prominent fragment of approximately 400 bp. Southern blotting analysis of genomic DNA digested with the same enzyme revealed a ladder composed of DNA fragments that are multimers of the 400-bp Afa I band, indicating that the repetitive DNA is arrayed in tandem. This suggests that Afa I isolated a novel satellite that we have called Poncirus trifoliata satellite DNA 400 (PN400). This satellite composes 25% of the genome and it is also present in lemon, sour orange and kumquat. Analysis of the methylation status demonstrated that the cytosines in CCGG sequences in this satellite were methylated.[1]


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