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Determination of a molecular map position for Hyp using a new interspecific backcross produced by in vitro fertilization.

We have established a Mus spretus/Mus musculus domesticus interspecific backcross segregating for two X-linked mutant genes, Ta and Hyp, using in vitro fertilization. The haplotype of the recombinant X chromosome of each of 241 backcross progeny has been established using the X-linked anchor loci Otc, Hprt, Dmd, Pgk-1, and Amg and the additional probes DXSmh43 and Cbx-rs1. The Hyp locus (putative homologue of the human disease gene hypophosphatemic rickets, HYP) has been incorporated into the molecular genetic map of the X chromosome. We show that the most likely gene order in the distal portion of the mouse X chromosome is Pgk-1-DXSmh43-Hyp-Cbx-rs1-Amg, from proximal to distal. The distance in centimorgans (mean +/- SE) between DXSmh43 and Hyp was 2.52 +/- 1.4 and that between Hyp and Cbx-rs1 was 1.98 +/- 1.39. Thus closely linked flanking markers for the Hyp locus that will facilitate the molecular characterization of the gene itself have been defined.[1]


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