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Motor activity following the administration of selective D-1 and D-2 dopaminergic drugs to normal common marmosets.

In normal common marmosets administration of the D-1/D-2 agonist apomorphine or the selective D-2 agonist quinpirole caused a dose-dependent increase in motor activity and induced stereotyped behaviour. Both the selective D-2 antagonist raclopride and the selective D-1 antagonist SCH 23390 inhibited normal locomotor activity and induced catalepsy. Quinpirole- and apomorphine-induced motor activity were potently inhibited by pretreatment with raclopride. The effects of quinpirole, but not apomorphine, were weakly inhibited by SCH 23390. The selective D-1 partial agonist SKF 38393 decreased motor activity and did not induce grooming, oral movements or other behaviours. SKF 38393 inhibited motor activity induced by the administration of quinpirole but did not alter apomorphine-induced motor behaviour. Locomotor activity in normal common marmosets appears to be mediated mainly via D-2 systems. In contrast to rodents, administration of SKF 38393 does not induce behavioural activation and there does not appear to be a facilitating effect of D-1 systems on D-2 function in the normal common marmoset. However, the ability of both SKF 38393 and SCH 23390 to inhibit quinpirole locomotor activity suggests some interaction between D-1 and D-2 systems to occur in this species.[1]


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