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  • Autoradiographic analysis of the binding of [125I]Tyr-ovine CRH to frozen pituitary sections revealed CRH receptors in the intermediate and anterior lobes of human, marmoset, and cynomolgus monkey pituitaries [30].
  • Treatment of marmoset monkey with TCDD results in increased CYP1A2 levels (4-fold), accompanied by proportional increases in the activation of MeIQx and IQ and phenacetin O-deethylase, EROD and MROD activities [31].
  • These data suggest that, due to its outbred condition, the C. jacchus marmoset mounts a diverse pathogenic response to MBP [32].
  • Nevertheless, brief amino acid motifs are shared among marmoset clones and CDR3 sequences from MS samples [32].
  • Angiogenesis in the corpus luteum of early pregnancy in the marmoset and the effects of vascular endothelial growth factor immunoneutralization on establishment of pregnancy [33].

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