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Preliminary evaluation of interactions between selected alcoholamines and model skin sebum components.

The aim was to evaluate the interaction between selected alcoholamines and components of artificial skin sebum. The rate and depth of penetration into the lipophilic bead imitating pilosebaceous unit lumen was applied for alcoholamine penetration activity assay. The activity differentiation of 0.5% aqueous alcoholamine solutions with a potential cleansing effect on the pilosebaceous unit was performed. The depth of aminomethylpropanol penetration increased from 0.080 mm after 15 min to 3.049 mm after 72 h. The depth of aminomethylpropendiol penetration increased with time from 0.148 to 4.064, respectively, of diisopropanolamine from 0.481 to 4.626, triethanolamine from 0.236 to 4.342, triisopropanolamine from 0.275 to 2.392 and trometamol from 0.338 to 4.580. The products of alcoholamines reaction with the model skin sebum are easily dispersed in water. The rate of alcoholamines reaction with the model skin sebum depends on the alcoholamine, being the highest in the case of diisopropanolamine, decreasing to minimum for triisopropanolamine. Selected alcoholamines would be applied in ex vivo and in vivo research.[1]


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