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Supplementation of the cultivation media with B-group vitamins enhances lovastatin biosynthesis by Aspergillus terreus.

The impact of the supplementation of cultivation media with B-group vitamins on the biosynthesis of lovastatin (mevinolinic acid) by Aspergillus terreus ATCC20542 was investigated. A hypothesis was formulated that as the biosynthesis of lovastatin requires a high throughput of coenzymes in the cells, the application of its precursors in the form of B-group vitamins might positively influence the process. In a nitrogen-deficient medium the B-group vitamins, both single, especially nicotinamide, pyridoxine and calcium d-pantothenate, and a mixture of thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, calcium d-pantothenate and nicotinamide increased the efficiency of lovastatin biosynthesis. The vitamin supplementation also increased both volumetric and specific production rates of mevinolinic acid, especially before 80h of the process, when no lactose limitation had been observed yet.[1]


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