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Specific binding of plasminogen to vitronectin. Evidence for a modulatory role of vitronectin on fibrin(ogen)- induced plasmin formation by tissue plasminogen activator.

Vitronectin immobilized onto polystyrene microtiter wells was demonstrated to specifically bind plasminogen in a concentration-dependent manner, yielding an estimated KD = 0.4 microM. Heparin only moderately interfered with the vitronectin-plasminogen interaction, whereas high concentrations of 6-amino-hexanoic acid inhibited binding. Utilizing a ligand-blotting procedure in which plasminogen was reacted with proteolytic fragments of vitronectin, transblotted onto nitrocellulose, the plasminogen- binding site of vitronectin was localized to the heparin-binding domain of the adhesive protein. Moreover, vitronectin was found to inhibit in a dose-dependent fashion the fibrin(ogen)- induced activation of plasminogen by tissue plasminogen activator. These results provide the first evidence for a novel vitronectin- mediated control of plasminogen activation potentially relevant for directional clot-lysis and plasmin-dependent proteolysis in extracellular matrices.[1]


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