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Determination of norepinephrine levels in the adult human prostate.

Tissue levels of norepinephrine were measured in prostate tissue from 24 men ranging in age between 41 and 83 years. Prostatic tissue was obtained from men with subtle palpable prostate nodules undergoing transperineal needle biopsy. None of the patients were shown to have histologic evidence of adenocarcinoma. The severity of the symptoms of prostatism was evaluated prospectively using a standardized micturition symptom score questionnaire. Norepinephrine levels were quantified using a sensitive radioenzymatic assay (REA). Overall, the prostates contained relatively high levels of norepinephrine (1666 +/- 124 ng./gm.). Inverse correlations were observed between tissue norepinephrine levels and severity of symptoms of prostatism (r = -0.58; p = 0.003); age (r = -0.53; p = .008); and prostate size (r = -0.48; p = .02). Norepinephrine levels were also measured in tissue specimens obtained from men undergoing enucleation prostatectomy and transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). The level of norepinephrine in these prostatectomy specimens (115 ng./gm.) was only 14% the level of the prostate biopsy specimens. The relatively low level of norepinephrine in the specimens obtained from patients with symptoms necessitating prostatectomy provides further evidence that norepinephrine levels are inversely related to the degree of symptomatic bladder outlet obstruction.[1]


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