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Tartaric Acid recovery from distilled lees and use of the residual solid as an economic nutrient for lactobacillus.

The recovery of tartaric acid (TA) from distilled vinification lees coming from the white and red winemaking technology was optimized using response surface methodology and Statistica 5.0 software. The sequential treatment of dissolving TA and further calcium tartrate (CaT) precipitation could be used to recover up to 92.4% of the initial TA when distilled white lees were used. The residual lees were employed as economic nutrients for lactic acid production by Lactobacillus pentosus CECT-4023 using hemicellulosic vine shoot hydrolysates as carbon source. Distilled lees after TA extraction used as nutrients provided values of lactic acid (18.4-18.9 g/L), global volumetric productivities (0.82-0.84 g/L.h), and product yields (0.69-0.70 g/g) similar to those achieved when using the general medium for Lactobacilli (18.6 g/L, 1.11 g/L.h, and 0.62 g/g, respectively) or lees without TA extraction (16.4-17.2 g/L, 0.96-1.21 g/L.h, and 0.61-0.66 g/g, respectively). This technology not only avoids pollutant disposal but also represents a commercial source of tartaric acid and economic nutrients for biotechnological processes.[1]


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