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TACI attenuates antibody production costimulated by BAFF-R and CD40.

B cell activating factor of the TNF family (BAFF), plays critical roles in B cell survival, activation, differentiation, and antibody (Ab) production. BAFF binds to three receptors: BAFF-R, transmembrane activator and calcium-modulator and cyclophilin ligand interactor (TACI) and B cell maturation antigen. While BAFF-R is the primary receptor for B cell costimulation by BAFF, TACI is reported to serve as a positive or negative regulator for B cell responses depending on conditions. To determine the real role of TACI in B cell responses, we examined the functional relationship between TACI and BAFF-R in Ab production from human peripheral blood B cells using agonistic mAb. BAFF-R and CD40 enhanced IgG secretion and B cell proliferation, which were inhibited by TACI. Although TACI induced mild B cell apoptosis, its extent did not correlate with that of TACI-mediated inhibition of IgG secretion. In addition, TACI inhibited B-lymphocyte-induced maturation protein-1 expression, IgG secretion from previously IgG-negative selected B cells, and activation-induced cytidine deaminase expression enhanced by BAFF-R and CD40. Importantly, BAFF-R and CD40 enhanced B cell responsiveness to TACI-mediated suppression. Thus, BAFF may attenuate T cell-independent and -dependent B cell responses by TACI.See accompanying commentary[1]


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