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Deficiency of growth hormone receptor does not affect male reproduction in dwarf chickens.

Sex-linked dwarf chickens caused by the mutation of the growth hormone receptor gene are characterized by normal growth hormone (GH), very low insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) level in the blood, and reduced growth. It has been demonstrated that the sex-linked dwarfing gene has negative effects on female reproduction. In the current study, dwarf cocks and their phenotypic normal siblings were used to investigate the effects of dwarf gene on male reproduction. Dwarf cocks grew slower than the normal cocks did, and at 20 wk of age, their BW were 36.4% smaller. However, all parameters for semen quality, including volume, sperm concentration, viability, mobility, pH, and percentage of abnormal sperms, examined at 30 wk of age showed no significant difference between normal and dwarf cocks. The fertility of dwarf cocks was 95.2%, and the normal was 92.4%. The concentrations of GH and IGF-I in serum and seminal plasma were measured with RIA and ELISA, respectively. The serum GH in the dwarf cocks was significantly higher than their normal siblings (P < 0.05), whereas the serum IGF-I in the dwarf cocks was very low. However, the concentration of seminal IGF-I in dwarf cocks was similar to that of their normal siblings, indicating that IGF-I might be produced and acted independently in testis. In conclusion, the deficiency in GH receptor did not affect the male reproduction in dwarf chickens, and the fertility of dwarf cocks could be satisfactory for production when artificial insemination was adopted.[1]


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