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Immune enhancement of a polysaccharides peptides isolated from Coriolus versicolor.

A protein-bound polysaccharides ( PSP) isolated from Coriolus versicolor in Shanghai, at the concentrations of 100-800 micrograms/ml promoted lymphocyte proliferation. PSP 25 mg/kg ip into mice for 5 d antagonized the inhibition of IL-2 production by cyclophosphamide from activated T lymphocytes and restored the suppressed T-cell-mediated delayed, type hypersensitivity response to normal. PSP 10-1000 micrograms/ml induced interferon alpha and gamma production from human peripheral leukocytes 4 and 8 times respectively higher than that of the control groups. Moreover, PSP also increased phagocytic functions of host reticulo-endothelial system. The results suggest that the anti-tumor effects of PSP may be related to its potentiation of host immunological responses.[1]


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