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Genetically selected stem cells from human adipose tissue express cardiac markers.

In the present study, the potential of human adipose-derived stem cells to differentiate into cells with characteristics of cardiomyocytes was investigated. Adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ADSCs) were transduced with two different lentiviral vectors simultaneously: (1) a lentiviral vector expressing eGFP controlled by the Nkx2.5 promoter and (2) a lentiviral vector expressing DsRed2 controlled by the myosin light chain-2v promoter (MLC-2v). Nkx2.5-eGFP and MLC-2v-DsRed2 dual positive cells were isolated by FACS. Immunostaining and RT-PCR analysis of the dual positive cells revealed that these cells are positive for Nkx2.5, cardiac troponin I, and L-type calcium channel alpha-1c subunit. Electrophysiology studies demonstrated the presence of functional voltage-dependent calcium and potassium channels. These observations confirm that cardiac progenitor cells can be isolated and enriched from human adipose-derived stem cells using lentiviral selection, and they might represent a new source for cell therapy for myocardial infarction and heart failure.[1]


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