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Reconstitution and properties of homologous and chimeric HIV-1.HIV-2 p66.p51 reverse transcriptase.

Metal chelate affinity chromatography has been used to follow reconstitution of the 66- and 51-kDa human immunodeficiency (HIV)-1 and HIV-2 reverse transcriptase ( RT) subunits into heterodimer, as well as chimeric enzymes comprised of heterologous subunits. By adding a small N-terminal polyhistidine extension to the 51-kDa subunit of either enzyme, reconstituted RT could be recovered from a cell lysate by chromatography on Ni(2+)-nitrilotriacetic acid-Sepharose. Homologous RT subunits rapidly associated to form the respective heterodimers (1-p66.1-p51 and 2-p66.2-p51) when bacterial lysates containing the individual components were mixed. Under the same conditions, association of p66 HIV-2 and p51 HIV-1 RT was inefficient and could be improved slightly by prolonged incubation of the respective p66 and p51 subunits. In contrast, HIV-1 p66 RT rapidly associated with the 51-kDa subunit of the HIV-2 enzyme. RNA-dependent DNA polymerase activity was associated with all reconstituted enzymes, and the response of each chimeric RT to an inhibitor selective for the HIV-1 enzyme indicated that sensitivity to inhibition was determined by the source of its 66-kDa subunit.[1]


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