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Synthesis and application in asymmetric catalysis of camphor-based pyridine ligands.

This tutorial review deals with the synthesis and application in asymmetric catalysis of camphor-based pyridine ligands. These ligands can be roughly divided into two groups: those in which the camphor is annulated in the 2,3-positions to the beta-face of the pyridine ring and those in which the pyridine is contained as a pendant on the C2 or C3 of the camphor framework. Camphor-based pyridine ligands can also contain other donor centers located on the pyridine ring or camphor skeleton. Some of these ligands have provided interesting enantioselectivities in several asymmetric reactions, such as S(N)2' reactions, allylic oxidations, carbonyl additions with organozinc reagents and hydrogenations. This review contains a lot of chemistry on ligand synthesis and readers will find it of value and also perhaps an inspiration for the development of more active and improved versions.[1]


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