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RAD51C (RAD51L2) is involved in maintaining centrosome number in mitosis.

The RAD51C (RAD51L2) protein is one out of five RAD51 paralogs and forms a complex that includes either XRCC2 or XRCC3. Both of these complexes may have important functions in homologous recombination (HR). Here, we confirm that the frequency of DNA double-strand break (DSB)-induced HR is reduced in the RAD51C deficient cell line CL-V4B, in agreement with a role for RAD51C in HR. We report that mitotic RAD51C deficient CL-V4B cells also have an increased number of centrosomes in mitosis resulting in aberrant mitotic spindles. These data suggest that the RAD51C protein is important in maintaining correct centrosome numbers and that the complexes including RAD51C and XRCC2 or XRCC3 may be of importance in maintaining correct centrosome numbers in mitosis. Increased centrosome numbers following a RAD51C defect indicates that this protein might be important in preventing aneuploidy, suggesting that it could be a potential tumour suppressor in mammals.[1]


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