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Molecular Cloning of N-methylputrescine Oxidase from Tobacco.

Nicotine biosynthesis in Nicotiana species requires an oxidative deamination of N-methylputrescine, catalyzed by N-methylputrescine oxidase (MPO). In a screen for tobacco genes that were down-regulated in a tobacco mutant with altered regulation of nicotine biosynthesis, we identified two homologous MPO cDNAs which encode diamine oxidases of a particular subclass. Tobacco MPO genes were expressed specifically in the root, and up-regulated by jasmonate treatment. Recombinant MPO protein expressed in Escherichia coli formed a homodimer and deaminated N-methylputrescine more efficiently than symmetrical diamines. These results indicate that MPO evolved from general diamine oxidases to function effectively in nicotine biosynthesis.[1]


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