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Effect of the angiotensinogen genotype on experimental hypertension in mice.

Polymorphisms of the angiotensinogen ( Agt) gene may affect blood pressure. We used a mouse model to test for the role of the Agt genotype in low-renin or high-renin forms of hypertension. Mice bearing one, two, three, or four copies of the Agt gene underwent renal artery clipping to induce high-renin two-kidney, one-clip renovascular hypertension (2K1C), or uninephrectomy, salt loading, and application of deoxycorticosterone-acetate (DOCA) pellets to induce low-renin mineralocorticoid hypertension. Appropriate control animals were also studied. Blood pressure was measured by tail cuff as well as by direct intra-arterial recordings. There was a small effect of the Agt genotype on baseline blood pressure before induction of hypertension. The extent of 2K1C hypertension was not affected by the genotype. In contrast, there was a marked gene-dose effect on DOCA-hypertension (21.2 mmHg over all genotypes). Treatment of DOCA mice with the angiotensin II type 1 receptor antagonist abolished the genotype effect on blood pressure and left ventricular hypertrophy. There was a trend towards less suppression of endogenous aldosterone by DOCA treatment with increasing number of Agt gene copies. We conclude that the Agt genotype exerts a marked effect on blood pressure in a low-renin form of hypertension but no effect in the face of stimulated renin, at least in mice.[1]


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