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Renal Artery

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Disease relevance of Renal Artery


High impact information on Renal Artery

  • Unexpectedly, OPG-deficient mice also exhibit medial calcification of the aorta and renal arteries, suggesting that regulation of OPG, its signaling pathway, or its ligand(s) may play a role in the long observed association between osteoporosis and vascular calcification [6].
  • Diagnosis of unilateral renal artery lesions after captopril administration [7].
  • In the 18 patients who had a unilateral renal artery lesion demonstrated by angiography, the ratio of plasma renin activity of the involved to uninvolved renal vein rose significantly after administration of captopril, whether or not patients were taking antihypertensive medication [2].
  • An angiotensin II antagonist, sarcosine-1, threonine-8 angiotensin II ( [Sar1, Thr8] A II), was infused preoperatively in 14 patients with renal artery stenosis [8].
  • We infused microgram quantities of active or inactive PMN elastase and cathepsin G into the renal arteries of rats [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Renal Artery


Biological context of Renal Artery


Anatomical context of Renal Artery


Associations of Renal Artery with chemical compounds


Gene context of Renal Artery

  • Although less prominent than the case for PDGF-A chain, PDGF-B chain also was present in medial and intimal smooth muscle cells in both rejecting and nonrejecting renal arteries [29].
  • Specific 125I-VEGF binding could be localized to renal arteries and veins, glomeruli, and the tubulointerstitial capillary network in different developmental stages [30].
  • Western blot test confirmed COX-2 expression in renal artery [31].
  • Histopathological analysis demonstrated significant renal artery disease in the form of extensive atheromatous plaques only in 7.5-month-old Apoe(-/-) mice, whereas no atherosclerotic lesions were found in 6-week-old Apoe(-/-) mice [32].
  • This agonist profile, together with the findings that the ETA receptor-selective antagonists, BQ-123 and FR-139317 caused concentration-dependent, rightward shifts of the concentration-effect curves to each agonist indicated that ET-1-induced contractions in rat renal artery were mediated via ETA receptors [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Renal Artery


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