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Plasma levels of beta-MSH and ACTH during acute stresses and metyrapone administration in man.

Simultaneous measurements of both beta-melanocyte stimulating hormone (beta-MSH) and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) in extracted plasma were performed by specific radioimmunoassays. During insulin-induced hypoglycemia, there was a marked increase of plasma ACTH levels and a slight but significant increase of plasma beta-MSH levels. Lysine-vasopressin on the other hand, caused a significant rise of plasma ACTH levels without corresponding response of plasma beta-MSH. Following glucagon administration, neither hormone rose significantly. However, metyrapone infusion caused a significant increase of both ACTH and beta-MSH levels, and frequent blood sampling revealed that both hormones were secreted episodically, and that peaks generally coincided with each other. These data suggest that the secretion of these two hormones can occur together in most instances, and that the same mechanism is involved in the secretion of both hormones under the negative feedback control.[1]


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