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Gene context of Hypoglycemia

  • Fah-deficient mice die within 12 hr after birth from hypoglycemia and liver dysfunction [34].
  • Arx-deficient animals are born at the expected Mendelian frequency, but develop early-onset hypoglycemia, dehydration, and weakness, and die 2 d after birth [35].
  • In 25 of 28 patients with this type of hypoglycemia we found 1.5-8-fold elevated serum levels of immunoreactive big (15-25 kD), but decreased levels of normal IGF II [36].
  • Conclusions: low GH and/or insulin during IGF I infusion and in extrapancreatic tumor hypoglycemia enhance expression of IGFBP-2 and favor partition of IGFBP-3 into the small complex [37].
  • Insr ablation in approximately 80% of cells caused extreme growth retardation, lipoatrophy, and hypoglycemia, a clinical constellation that resembles the human syndrome of leprechaunism [38].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hypoglycemia


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