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Leptin and Its Receptor Are Controlled by 17{beta}-Estradiol in Peripheral Tissues of Ovariectomized Rats.

It has been widely shown that there is a complex interaction between sex steroids and leptin effects on body weight. In this sense, the absence of female sex steroids is linked to a significant increase in body weight, which seems to be related to an impairment of the central actions of leptin. The present study was designed to elucidate the effects of two different treatments with 17beta-estradiol on leptin receptor and serum leptin levels in ovariectomized rats, a model of postmenopausal condition. Our results have shown that plasma leptin levels in ovariectomized rats were lower than in estradiol-treated animals, thereby supporting a positive effect of this steroid. Recent information has extended leptin actions to peripheral tissues, mainly to insulin-dependent tissues, this effect being related to metabolic actions. To better understand the peripheral effects of leptin and their possible regulation by estradiol treatment, we have analyzed leptin receptor expression in the skeletal muscle and the adipose tissue. Our results showed a tissue-specific regulation of this protein: Ob-Rb expression in the adipose tissue decreased when the time of treatment or the dose of estradiol administered increased, suggesting less sensitivity to leptin in this tissue, whereas in the skeletal muscle the changes in this protein followed the same profile as the plasma leptin levels. We think that this specific regulation could ensure a different response of each tissue toward the same serum leptin level. Further studies to clarify this situation are ongoing.[1]


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