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Gene Review

Lepr  -  leptin receptor

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Fa, LEP-R, Leptin receptor, OB receptor, OB-R, ...
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Disease relevance of Lepr


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Chemical compound and disease context of Lepr


Biological context of Lepr


Anatomical context of Lepr

  • Treatment with anti-OB-R for 3 weeks more than halved the content of bone marrow leukemic cells with a concomitant, substantial decrease in angiogenesis [14].
  • Leptin receptor immunoreactivity in chemically defined target neurons of the hypothalamus [15].
  • In +/+ but not in fa/fa rats, plasma catecholamine levels rose, and both P-STAT3 and P-CREB increased in adipose tissue, suggesting that both direct and indirect (hypothalamic) leptin receptor-mediated actions of hyperleptinemia are involved in depletion of adipocyte fat [19].
  • Double in situ hybridization histochemistry revealed that, in contrast to the situation in the arcuate nucleus, NPY and leptin receptor mRNA-expressing neurons were not colocalized in the DMH [20].
  • Leptin receptor mRNA levels in the uterus are also regulated with an increase about 2.7-fold during this same period, whereas there is no change in other tissues examined [21].

Associations of Lepr with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of Lepr


Enzymatic interactions of Lepr

  • Phosphorylated leptin receptor and phosphorylated signal transducer and activator of transcription-3 (p-STAT3) remained elevated in association with a sustained elevation in DNA-binding activity of STAT3 in the hypothalamus throughout 16-d period of leptin infusion [28].

Regulatory relationships of Lepr


Other interactions of Lepr


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Lepr


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