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Cholesterol screening by primary care pediatricians: a study of attitudes and practices in the Minneapolis-St Paul metropolitan area.

A telephone survey of the 197 board-certified pediatricians actively engaged in primary care in the Minneapolis-St Paul metropolitan area was conducted to assess their cholesterol screening practices and hypercholesterolemia management. The response rate was 95%. Nearly all the pediatricians (90%) do some cholesterol screening, with the majority (58%) screening only children with a strong family history of coronary heart disease. Though only 33% screen all their patients, 66% advocate universal pediatric screening. Most of the pediatricians indicated they would manage hypercholesterolemia patients themselves, nearly always with dietary means. Despite their strong support for screening, the pediatricians expressed skepticism about the significance of childhood cholesterol level as a predictor of adult cardiovascular disease and doubted their effectiveness in getting patients to adopt a cholesterol-reducing diet. Their definition of elevated total cholesterol level in childhood was consistent with published recommendations, but only 29% could define elevated low-density lipoprotein cholesterol level. The pediatricians expressed strong opposition to pediatric cholesterol screening in schools or in any setting other than clinics and hospitals.[1]


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