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Cytoskeleton-dependent release of human platelet epidermal growth factor.

To study the source of immunoreactive epidermal growth factor (ir-EGF) released by thrombin formation we removed 99.9% of the leukocytes normally present in platelet-rich plasma and induced coagulation with 30 mM of Ca2+. The absence of leukocytes did not reduce the amount of ir-EGF released; thus platelets are most likely the only source of the ir-EGF released during aggregation. To identify the site of ir-EGF in platelets we exposed washed platelets to collagen or thrombin and compared the kinetics of releases of ir-EGF, beta-thromboglobulin ( bTG, an alfa-granule marker), ATP (dense granule marker), N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase (NAGA, a lysosome marker) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH, a cytoplasmic marker). Release of ir-EGF started immediately and continued linearly. The process differed clearly from the releases of the granule markers, which occurred readily, and were completed in a few minutes. The release of ir-EGF also differed from the leakage of LDH, the start of which was delayed greater than 5 min, but then proceeded linearly. Cytochalasin B inhibited the release of hEGF, but demecolcine had no effect. We conclude that the ir-EGF released from platelets during aggregation derives neither from the granules nor the cytoplasma. The assembly of cytoskeleton is needed for its release.[1]


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